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Back in the office: can I bring my dog?

Benefits of pet-friendly workplaces

Gifts for pet-friendly offices

Dog Bone Mat with Icons (Personalized Name)

Lay down a welcome mat in the office for your new dog colleague. Customize it with their dog’s name for that extra warm welcome.

Paw Shaped Pet Bowl

This easy-to-clean plastic bowl makes a great gift for the office pup with its stylish paw design.

Fetch-It Dog Toy

Let loose on lunch breaks by playing frisbee with the Fetch It Dog Toy.

Crunch-It Dog Toy

Their dog will love playing a classic game of tug-o-war with the customizable Crunch It Dog Toy.

Friendly Bunch Plush Animal with T-Shirt

Everyone loves a plush dog. And with its adorable customizable t-shirt, we’re not sure if this is a gift for the employee or their pet.

New Englander® Rain Jacket - Doggie

Keep the pup dry on their way into the office with the customizable New Englander Rain Jacket, made with wind, waterproof, and heat-sealed materials for all-year weather protection.

Dog Bandana

Starting a new job comes with company-branded gear and this is no different for their dog. Gift them with their very own bandana for a unique office uniform.

Breeder Pet Grooming Glove

Help control office shedding with the Breeder Pet Grooming Glove, dual-sided to control loose hair on the dog and even remove pet hair from upholstery.

Full Color 3/4" Wide Pet Collar

Nothing goes better with a name tag than a stylish collar. Gift their dog with an Adjustable Pet Collar, customized with your company logo.

Full Color 3/4" Wide Premium Pet Leash

Keep the pup by their owner’s side at all times with a company logoed 3/4" Wide Premium Pet Leash.

Pet Waste Bag Dispenser with Flashlight

Accidents happen. Help the clean up with ease with the Pet Waste Bag Dispenser with a built-in flashlight to attach to their leash.

Pet-friendly office policies


  • Should you allow dogs in the office?

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    Pets in the workplace provide countless benefits, including improved well-being, reduced stress, and enhanced employee collaboration. Corporate Gift offers plenty of gifts for the pet to complement your new workplace perk.

  • How to make an office pet-friendly?

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    Remember to consider factors such as office layout, employee allergies or phobias, and the temperament and behavior of the pets involved. Set clear guidelines regarding vaccinations and containment, designate pet-free zones for employees with allergies, and ensure there are accessible outdoor areas for potty breaks. Welcome dogs into your workplace by choosing gifts for the pet from CorporateGift.