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Games and puzzles

Team Bonding Conversation Cards

Useful as an icebreaker, this team-bonding card game includes 50 question cards that foster fun, engaging, and interactive discussions.

Popcorn & Movie Night Gift Set

If you have a team of movie and TV buffs, this Movie Night Gift Set might be the perfect way for your employees to bond. Test each other’s knowledge at a virtual or in-person TV session and enjoy some freshly popped popcorn. To make it even better, employees can take home the Eat What You Watch cookbook to learn how to make some of their favorite on-screen recipes.

Movie Night Conversation Cards

If you’re looking for a simple conversation starter for your movie-buff employees without the cookbook, the Movie Night Conversation Cards are the perfect pick. Take your movie night to the next level with 50 interesting movie discussion questions that will spark interesting conversations among team members.

Happiness Tabletopics - Conversation Starter Card Set

Research shows that people who engage in deep conversations are happier than those who stick to small talk. Spark happiness and thoughtful discussion among your team members with this conversation starter card set.

Personalized escape rooms

Personalized Escape Room In An Envelope - The Missed Flight

Have employees solve The Missing Flight Story. In this quest, a fictional character named Lucy is caught up in a story of lies and corruption, and she hid a secret message in a vault to protect it from interception. Groups work through 7 puzzles to unlock the passcode to the vault and find the message.

Personalized Escape Room In An Envelope - The Dupe

In this quest, a fictional character named Alvar Korhonen is a reputable Finnish Art Dealer who recently brokered a questionable deal. He delivered this top-secret message to your group which he hid in a vault before going into hiding. Your mission is to work together to solve 7 puzzles.

Personalized Escape Room In An Envelope - The Split

A fictional musician named Siena Sudlow gets caught up in a series of scandals and is being hounded by the paparazzi. Unfortunately, Siena was also in charge of delivering a secret message. You’re in luck though, she hid it in an online vault before going off the radar. The only problem? Your team will have to unlock puzzles to access the secret vault.

Company outing games

Giant Checkers Game Set

Our Giant Checkers Set is perfect for family game nights, picnics, parties, BBQs, and other office get-togethers. Crafted with durable fabric board and wooden checker pieces, it offers versatility for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ladder Ball Game

This Ladder Ball game brings the spirit of a competition mixed with the great outdoors. Perfect for lunches with your team.

Bottle Bash Outdoor Game

Bottle Bash is a game everyone can play. Just hit the bottle with the frisbee. This simple game encourages collaboration and friendly competition, allowing your team to strengthen bonds while enjoying the thrill of the game.

Disc Slam

Simple to set up, the Folding Disc Slam outdoor game encourages groups to let loose and have some easy fun.

Portable Cornhole Game

A classic party favorite, the portable cornhole game comes with 8 bean bags and a carry case.

Foam Axe Throwing Game

Axe throwing is becoming increasingly popular, so why not try it at work? These lightweight foam axes stick easily to the target. Best of all, they’re completely safe to play inside or outside.

Remote group activities

Bubbly Sparkling Making Wine Kit

Whether it's champagne, cava, prosecco, or any other sparkling delight, DIY-ing their own wine creates a fun shared experience that sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Create the batch together and then set a later date to uncork your creation after it ferments.

Tie-Dye Kit and Craft Box Set

A fun camp classic brought right to the home office. Send tie-dye craft box kits to your employees and get together virtually to make your own summer apparel.

Adult Paint Set And Wine Tumbler

Host a virtual paint & sip with the Paint and Tumbler Set. Add your company logo so everyone has a matching tumbler cup during the next remote event.

Adult Paint Set And Coffee Mug

If you have coffee lovers instead of wine lovers, this set makes a great companion to accompany your paint & sip.

DIY Fresh Beginnings® Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

Set up a meeting where everyone decorates their own sugar cookie with this DIY Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit.

Bath Bomb DIY Self-Care Gift Box

Elevate your team's well-being with the ultimate indulgence—our Bath Bomb DIY Self-Care Gift Box. Inside this delightful box, they’ll find sweet treats, a soothing candle, an eco-friendly cup, a luxurious shower puff, and a captivating DIY bath bomb kit.

DIY Mug Cake in a Cup with Your Brand Color Sprinkles

A colorful treat that is both tasty and fun to make, this DIY mug cake gift box can be customized with your brand colors and made together at a virtual bake-off party.

Custom Let's Fiesta Margarita Kit

Take virtual meetings to the next level with the Margarita Mailer, designed to bring the mixologist experience to your team. Whether they're gathering on Zoom or enjoying it at their leisure, this customizable set allows everyone to shake up their own margaritas and enjoy a virtual toast together.

Team apparel

Next Level Apparel® CVC Tee - Unisex

Send your team matching t-shirts to wear at the next outing to build community in the workplace.

Custom Comfort and Care Deluxe Kit

Treat your team to a deluxe kit of everyday essentials, featuring a spacious tote bag, a cozy roll-up blanket, a convenient cup with straw, a portable speaker, and mini playing cards—customized with your company logo.

Custom Deluxe Picnic Accessories Kit

Equip employees with these picnic essentials for your next company outing. This all-inclusive package includes customizable gear for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Custom Self-Care Relax and Unwind Kit

Give your team the VIP treatment they deserve with our deluxe self-care kit. Designed to help them relax and unwind after a long day at the office, this exclusive package includes a massager, gel beads, ear plugs, an eye mask, a neck pillow, and lip moisturizer.

Make team-building fun for everyone


  • What are good team-building activities for the workplace?

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    Great team-building activities bring your employees together, promoting collaboration and communication among team members. Think outdoor company outing games, activity kits, or conversation topic cards. Remember, the best team-building gifts are those that align with your team's interests, personalities, and organizational culture. From interactive games to activity kits, Corporate Gift offers a diverse range of options for all budgets and workplaces.

  • Are team-building activities effective?

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    Team-building activities break up the monotony of the workday, making them an effective way to increase productivity.  In today's digital world where many companies operate virtually, team bonding is more important than ever. Fun activities can help cement those bonds and form a cohesive team. If you’re looking for ways to improve your office culture, try an outdoor company picnic complete with games. If your team is remote, consider hosting a virtual activity party. At CorporateGift, you can choose your gift and send it to hundreds of addresses with just a few clicks.