Corporate Gifts

Establishing business relationships is an important role in the marketplace, and maintaining those relationships is equally necessary. Corporate gifts have become a vital tool used with clients, both for the holidays and as a token of gratitude. Knowing what to send each client and when to send it are important details to focus on.

Gifting for an individual and gifting for a list of clientele have different aspects, as well as different relationships and levels of business within clientele. Sending a gift to an existing customer expresses gratitude for their business, and sends them a message that they’re someone important with whom you’d like to maintain business.

The type of business between you and the client will dictate an appropriate gift and budget. It shows your appreciation for them choosing to working with you, and could be something that keeps them from considering moving elsewhere. Knowing you are a valued contact helps as an incentive to stay. A gift also represents that the client is still relevant, and that they haven’t been forgotten or pushed aside.

Buying for a large group is often done around holidays and special occasions. Group gifting has the option of sending out one standard item, or varying the magnitude of the gift to fit bigger and smaller clients. Even when sending something to a large list, it is still important to personalize the gift in some way. Many companies supplying corporate gifts will allow the buyer to send a signature or message that can be added to each gift.

Gifts intended for a large group of recipients should be something everyone can use. Businesses often choose to add a company logo, or tie in the type of business in some way. Gift baskets are also very common, and usually something most would appreciate. Selecting a group gift to send does not have to be a huge expense. Buy in budget, and clients deserving special gifts should be handled on an individual bases.

For lower level clients, sending a gift might not be necessary. A simple card will suffice, and let them know they are still appreciated. This can be especially important, as these clients have the potential to grow, and keeping their contact can lead to opening doors in the future. Something small can mean much more.

Corporate gifting is a simple idea that can lead to many positive results. Clients will know they are receiving a gift intended for many, which makes some sort of personalization even more important. While it shows your appreciation, it also keeps your business on their mind, which is essential to grow.

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