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Put appreciation on autopilot

Set it up once. Our technology will do the rest.
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Banish busywork

So many spreadsheets. So many contacts. So many gifts to send. It’s a full-time job just to show gratitude. If you can relate, it’s time to automate. That’s where we come in.
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Gift workflow automation

Define gifts, budgets, messaging, and branding once, then use the same campaigns for ongoing gifting anytime. Set up company get-well, sympathy, thank you, and newborn gifts in advance to send on demand. Or allow teams to recognize and appreciate each other with preset gift options. It’s all about making it easier to show appreciation.
<b>Preschedule</b> it, then forget it

Preschedule it, then forget it

With our smart scheduling tool, set up the gifts, contacts, messages, and send dates one time — then get back to what matters.
  • Schedule gifts to go out on calendar-based employee occasions
  • Set up event-based gifts in advance
Milestones made <b>easy</b>

Milestones made easy

Select gifts for annual milestones, then import employee contacts and send dates, and the gifts will go out on-time, automatically.
  • Automate gifts for employee onboarding, promotions, anniversaries, and birthdays
  • Send one of our collections, curated by budget, occasion, theme, or interest

How gift automation works

  • Select a preset campaign

    Choose the way you want to send it. <p>Select a preset campaign</p>
  • Enter your contacts and the date

    Enter your contacts and the date you want the gift to go out. <p>Enter your contacts and the date</p>
  • Add a greeting and send

    Your brand logo will automatically populate the greeting and sender's name. <p>Add a greeting and send</p>
<p>Select a preset campaign</p>
Tool up task & event <b>triggers</b>

Tool up task & event triggers

For fully automated task- or event-based triggers, Corporate Gift syncs to hundreds of apps, including many HR systems.
  • Reward someone for completing a task or a goal
  • Trigger gifts when milestones are achieved
Check out our integrations page
Customers love us
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Customer logo “I use CorporateGift to send thank-you gifts to clients and celebrate special occasions like birthdays, congratulations and holidays. The platform lets us automate everything, so I’m not working on calendar reminders or placing an additional burden on my assistant to find and send gifts. Would never go back to the “old way” again!" Assaf, CEO, UPTIME
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Customer logo "Working with Corporate Gift, we've now established a highly effective automated gifting process, receive great feedback on our gifts, and use the solution to further drive new business and increase customer happiness." Megan, Director, Growth marketing, Attentive