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Asobu Imperial Wine
Asobu Imperial Wine Asobu Imperial Wine Asobu Imperial Wine Asobu Imperial Wine Asobu Imperial Wine


Asobu Creative Drinkware by Ad-N-Art is a fun and creative line of drink ware that is innovative and on-trend. We are located in Montreal Canada with a warehouse in Champlain, New York and also a location in Los Angeles California. We have over 150 employees . Ad-N-Art is a 16 year veteran of drink ware and has developed a new line of product for retail under the name Asobu. Asobu means fun and happy in Japanese and is the core of our design process. Asobu is drink ware that inspires! We have dedicated ourselves to building a quality product line that always delivers in value, quality and creativity. In the last five years we have won first place awards for creativity, design and functionality in our line of product. We are working with top stores around the world if it's in USA ,Canada, Europe and Asia. Quality and service are First priorities for us. So please join us for better greener reusable drink wear world

Asobu Imperial Wine

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product description

Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Cup that keeps your wine cool. Longer.

A major breakthrough in wine service!

No chillers, no mess, no faster way to keep wine cold longer!

Mperial wine is a breakthrough in wine service. This vacuum insulated stainless steel cup will Insure your wine stays at the perfect temperature!

Wine connaseurs agree quality wine must be served at the ideal temperature.

2 pcs. In set