Sweet Little Tea Box (choose scent)
Sweet Little Tea Box (choose scent) Sweet Little Tea Box (choose scent) Sweet Little Tea Box (choose scent) Sweet Little Tea Box (choose scent)


Sweet Little Tea Box (choose scent)

With Your Choice of Tea and Candle Scent

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The pefect gift to offer your employees healthy relaxation, the tea box includes a handmade 100% soy candle and high quality Rishi Tea. The box includes a 8oz candle (choose scent) and three tea sachets (blueberry hibiscus, chamomile medley, and Earl Grey) sure to please everyone from the tea connoisseur to someone who just likes something warm to drink!

Available Tea Flavors

  • Chamomile
  • Blueberry Hibiscus
  • Earl Grey
  • One of Each

Available Candle Scents

  • Birthday Cake
  • Currant Patchouli
  • Fresh Coffee
  • Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Honey Patchouli
  • Lavender Fields
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Orange Gin
  • Palo Santo
  • Roses
  • Spring Air
  • Spiced Cranberry
  • Fraser Fir
  • Sugar Plum
  • Gingerbread Friend
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Vanilla Bean


  • One handmade 8oz soy candle
  • Three tea sachets
  • Three sticks of honey

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