BY Hot Cherry® therapeutic pillows

Red Ultra Suede Gift Set
Red Ultra Suede Gift Set Red Ultra Suede Gift Set Red Ultra Suede Gift Set

ABOUT Hot Cherry® therapeutic pillows

Hot Cherry® Pillows are a Relaxing Gift anyone can Enjoy!They’re microwavable pillows filled with sustainable cherry pits–– when heated they deliver moist penetrating heat that relaxes muscles, soothes tummy aches and relieves stress!Give the gift that makes a statement that you care for your recipient’s comfort, and that you care for the environment. Minimal, yet trendy, gift-wrapping is included in the presentation.
Sizes & Shapes: Hot Cherry pillows come in 10” squares, eye pillows and neck wraps. Each shape addresses a different part of the body with weight and pain relieving heat. The gift-set of all three sizes is a popular choice to pamper a client, reward an employee or send a comfy gift to those you care for.
Fabrics: Chose from natural dyed 100% cotton denim, in Red, Blue or Natural, wrapped in twine, or for a fancier gift, select the imported plush Ultra Suede in Cherry Red or Tan fabric, tied up with grosgrain ribbon. The Ultra Suede square comes in an eco-friendly pie box, for added charm.Imagine the warmth and comfort your gift will provide. The weight and moist heat penetrate to relax sore muscles, soothe tummy aches and help induce sleep. They’re completely washable and when warmed from the oven they smell subtly like cherry pie!Hot Cherry Pillows are made in the USA, filled with Michigan’s Montmorency tart cherry pits and created by a diverse, woman-owned company in Santa Barbara CA.

Red Ultra Suede Gift Set

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product description

The Hot Cherry®️ Bundle in Ultra Suede Red gets its beautiful red color from macadamia tree bark. It’s soft, durable and totally relaxing! The bundle comes with a neck wrap , pillow and eye pillow.

Ease your conscience because all our sustainable Hot Cherry Pillows are filled with clean, dried up-cycled cherry pits – that usually go to a landfill. Hot Cherry Pillows is a woman-owned, diversified business, certified by Green America, and made in the USA.

Hot Cherry®️ pillows come in 2 different fabrics and 6 different styles to meet everybody’s needs, from eye pillows to body pillows.

Product Specification Features

  • Hot Cherry Pillow in Natural-dyed denim, gets it lovely red color from macadamia tree bark and the blue from indigo plant, the natural is unbleached denim. Minimally packaged in twine wrap.
  • Microwavable: moist heat therapy lasts 20+ minutes. It quickly relieves muscle tension, relaxes shoulders, stiff neck, and eases stress. Or chilled in freezer, it can be used as a cold pack for cooling down. Use Hot or Cold
  • Machine Washable: Better than herbal or grain filled pillows because it will never mold.
  • Better than a Heating Pad or a hot water bottle, because it’s cordless, safe to use, and it gradually cools down.
  • Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Sustainable, durable and lasts for years, best gift ever
  • Hypoallergenic Dust free, washable and non-irritating to allergies
  • Home Spa or Office Use, appeals to men and women


Size & Dimensions

  • Neck Wrap: 22'' x 5''
  • Eye: Pillow 10'' x 4.5''
  • Square Pillow: 10.5'' x 10.5''

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