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Sel Magique Magique Canvas Tote Bag
Sel Magique Magique Canvas Tote Bag Sel Magique Magique Canvas Tote Bag Sel Magique Magique Canvas Tote Bag

ABOUT Sel Magique

“While I was on a working vacation in Brittany, I discovered an amazing local tradition of seasoning food with lightly herbed Fleur-de-Sel. The moment I tasted it, I knew I wanted to bring it to the States,” recalls Matt Murphy, founder of Sel Magique. “It elevated the flavors of absolutely everything we ate.” Our love of fresh, natural food and deliciously simple meals made us realize that we had to share this magique village salt. It redefined our ideas about ‘gourmet’, because it was so easy to make anything taste amazing with just a pinch–a simple tomato slice could be transformed into a tasty snack in seconds. An enlightened group of customers have come to love this secret blend of salt and herbs, making their everyday that much more delicious, effortlessly. And as we create new flavors to elevate more of your everyday meals, Sel Magique continues to stand for premium, natural ingredients, a commitment to quality, and a simple, accessible elegance.

Sel Magique Magique Canvas Tote Bag

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product description

Our classic black tote bag – great for traveling or day use.

Sturdy 100% cotton canvas with white topstitch – 15″x18″x8″
Unisex, Dual interior pockets, chrome snap closure, reinforced handles
Front Sel Magique logo and side signature ribbon detail
2oz pressed glass jar of Classic Blend


Your gift is beautifully packed
Blend info cards
Recipe cards
Signature Star sticker
Signature envelope with foil interior