Double Cross Luxury Vodka

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Double Cross Luxury Vodka
Double Cross Luxury Vodka Double Cross Luxury Vodka

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Double Cross Luxury Vodka

"We could have sourced our vodka from anywhere in the world. After extensive research, an inside tip sent us to the mountains of Slovakia. There we met Dr. Jan Krak, a true master of the craft of distillation. We fell in love. 

"With Slovakia. With the people. The dramatic landscapes. The history and tradition... and the vodka. We knew we had to honor this luxurious liquid with a name and bottle that would bow to its rich heritage while remaining grounded in the 21st century.
"Double Cross™ called to us. Inspired by the ancient double cross symbol in the Slovak coat of arms, we knew we were on to something when it brought tears to the eyes of our Slovak friends." -producer

Bottle Size: 750ml

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