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Time for You Sand Timer Gift Set

Meditation reduces stress, improves focus and concentration, and enhances overall well-being. Remind them to take “me-time” throughout the day with this sand timer gift set.

Custom Serene House Relaxation Kit

Aromatherapy eases anxiety and improves moods. Diffusers spread essential oils throughout the workspace, creating a calm and relaxing environment that can help them stay focused, energized, and productive.

Yoga Feel Good Bundle

Yoga has numerous health benefits, including increased flexibility, reduced stress, and improved sleep quality. A yoga mat makes it easy to practice yoga at home or in the gym, helping them to feel better physically and mentally.

Mindfulness Card Set

Mindfulness has been shown to improve well-being, boost happiness, and increase productivity. A mindfulness journal allows them to reflect, set intentions, and practice gratitude. It’s an excellent tool for self-reflection and clarity during the busy workday.

Relax & Restore Wellness Gift Box

A sweet treat and a cup of tea can make a big difference in their day. Unwind and recharge with this set of herbal teas paired with an infuser, candle, and chocolate bar.

Variegated Laurentii Snake Plant Kit

There's nothing like the calming presence of a plant to reduce stress and improve their workplace environment. Gift your team members a low-maintenance desk plant like a succulent, a snake plant, or a peace lily.

The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit Gift Set

Quality sleep is vital to one's overall health, yet many struggle to get a good night’s rest. This kit includes a sleep guide, journal, mask, and lavender incense to help them get that much-needed snooze.

Custom Moleskine® Coloring Kit – Sketchbook and Watercolor Pencils

Painting, drawing, and coloring can be great stress relievers. Providing art supplies can be a unique break from the workday.

Tree of Gratitude Activity Set

Encourage them to focus on the positive with a self-help journal. This 30-day interactive activity notebook is designed to help build better habits and give prompts to encourage daily gratitude practice.

The Handmade Soap Co. Mini Votive Gift Set

Clear the air of tension and stress with hand-poured candles in refreshing scents — restorative lemongrass, calming lavender, and stress-diffusing grapefruit.

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