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What is Professional Wellness Month and why celebrate?

Mental wellness gifts


Mindfulness Card Set

The Mindfulness Card Set includes over 50 prompts promoting relaxation, awareness, curiosity, and kindness. This card set encourages employees to spend a few moments of their day reflecting or meditating.


Zen Sleep Easy Gift Box

The Zen Sleep Easy Gift Box will help your employees sleep better and recharge with lavender essential oil, a bath bomb, and 100 tips for deep sleep.


The Pine Gift Box

Bring the smell of the outdoors inside with the Pine Gift Box, filled with pine-scented luxury goods and a notebook for journaling.


Garden Party Gift Box

Perfect for relaxing after work, the Garden Party Gift Box is complete with everything they need for their summer garden party – including cocktail glasses, mixers, playing cards, and more.


Time for You Sand Timer Gift Set

Taking breaks throughout the day can help employees think clearer. Remind them to take some “me time” with the Self Care and Stress Relief Mindfulness Timer.

Physical wellness gifts


Hot Cherry® Neck Wrap - Ultra Suede

This microwavable neck wrap is a must-have for desk workers. The heat will relax tight shoulders and added weight will help improve posture.


Custom Serene House Spa Kit

This diffuser kit is complete with uplifting essential oils to bring calming scents to their desk.


Yoga Mat - Full Color

A cushioned yoga mat will encourage employees to incorporate stretching and yoga into their daily routines.


Deep Tissue Massager with Attachments

Sitting at a desk can cause a lot of tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Help your employees get some relief with a deep tissue massager.


Heated Eye Massager with Music Function

Looking at screens all day strains your eyes and gives you a headache. Help employees find comfort and alleviate weariness with a heated eye massager.


Organic Detox Tea Gift Set

Herbal teas are believed to help purify the body. Treat them to a cup of wellness with this set of 5 detoxing teas sourced from around the world.


Peace and Pampering Care Package

Treat your employees to a spa treatment after a long day at the office with this relaxation kit.


Fitness Tracker & True Wireless Sport Earbuds Combo Set

Encourage your employees to step away from their desks and refocus with a nice walk. The fitness tracker and wireless earbuds combo set will make their walks even more enjoyable.


Daisy Collection Bath & Body Gift Set

Bring the spa to their home with the pampering daisy collection gift set.


  • What are employee wellness gifts?

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    Wellness gifts help your employees improve their physical, mental, or emotional well-being. Some great gift ideas for Professional Wellness Month include spa kits, massagers, or mindfulness card decks. Visit Corporate Gift to browse hundreds of options to choose from. 

  • Why should you give employees wellness gifts?

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    Employee wellness gifts demonstrate that you care about the well-being of your staff. Gifts that help them refresh mentally or physically can prevent burnout, helping them thrive in their personal and professional lives. Companies that understand the correlation between personal wellness and job satisfaction attract top talent, increase productivity, and enhance employee retention.