Level up your lead gen

Send direct mail at scale.
Set rules-based gifting triggers ,
manage campaigns and budgets, track
orders and share visibility with Sales
and Customer Success -- all
in one place.

Send direct mail at scale. Set rules-based gifting triggers , manage campaigns and budgets, track orders and share visibility with Sales and Customer Success -- all in one place.

Let go of legwork

Forget weeding through Amazon or branded swag shops. CorporateGift connects to the largest marketplaceof unique customizable gifts and exclusive branded merchandise, from mugs to Moet.

Source your gifts, add your custom branding or packaging and personalize gift notes right within the platform.

Manage address books, campaign and department budgets, and track orders and invoices all in one place.


Reach everyone with E-Gifts

Connect CorporateGift to your CRM and send direct mail at scale. No need to know an office ro home address, all you need is email! Managing address books, gifting triggers, delivery dates and shipping costs is easy witihin your CorporateGift acount.

Send a single gift option, or allow recipients to choose what they like best from a set of options. Or, send tem to your own branded Company Store.

Add personalized gift messages, and even include promotional or personal videos with your E-Gift invitation.

Reach everyone with E-Gifts

"With a lot of folks working from home, their E-Gifting feature for physical gifts ensures we can send to the best delivery address and not to an empty ofice."

Megan Miller

Director of Growth Marketing at Attentive

Sync with sales

Sync with sales

Support Sales-and-Marketing collaboration through one unified tool, integrated with your CRM. Set campaign, department or user-level budgets, track shipping and manage feedback.


Spend budget on gifts, not software

CorporateGift is free for corporate accounts with a minimum annual gift spend commitment. Learn more

With CorporateGift, sending E-Gift invitations is free -- pay only for gifts accepted. Gifts ship direct from the manufacturers to your recipients for fastest delivery time and lowest shipping cost.

Hogh-volume accounts enjoy price breaks on gifts, product customization and rush production.

Spend budget on gifts, not software

“It was a no-brainer. The pricing model is amazing (free!) and we felt the functionality of the platform was much better, as was the breadth and quality of gifts in the native marketplace.“

Jennifer Segro, SAP

Meet the new member of your Martech stack

Direct mail

Support BDRs, SDRs, Inbound and Outbound Sales with the ultimate "lumpy box" campaigns at scale. No address? No problem. E-Gifts enable recipients to ship to their preferred address, whether office or home.

Direct mail



Craft campaigns and strategies for every phase of the funnel. Break into tough-to-reach accounts, keep leads warm and tailor gifts to individual accounts, deal size and lead stage.

Field and events

Stay social while social distancing. Add an experiential touch to virtual meetings, events, webinars, celebrations and more. Incetivize attendance or stay top-of-mind post-show.

Partner marketing

Partner marketing

Celebrate new partnerships, joint wins, milestones and new product launches. Incentivize partner sales, jazz-up co-marketing campaigns and virtual events.

Special 'Thank You's

Show your appreciation to guest speakers, influencers and special customers. Say "thank you" for co-marketing, references and case studies. Or any other occasion you wish to celebrate!

Special' Thank You's

What our customers are saying

Luke Guinan, SAP

Sept 1, 2020

"Especially during COVID-19, direct mail through CorporateGift.com has given us a critical touchpoint for customers while they progress through the funnel"

Gil Levy, Splitit

Aug 31, 2020

“We use it for lead generation, increasing our meeting booking rate, keeping prospects and clients engaged throughout the cycle, celebrating milestones and recognizing employees. It’s a true end-to-end application the whole company can use.“

Megan Miller, Attentive

Sept 2, 2020

“Also love the Salesforce integration, for direct sending and tracking from our CRMs which helps us automate a lot of what we do..“

Noam Levy, Wiserspread

Aug 1, 2020

“We connected Corporate Gift with Salesforce and we automated the entire gifting process so there is ZERO manual work! If you are looking for a way to improve conversion and close rate - I highly recommend this platform.“

Spend budget on gifts, not software

See how easy corporate gifting can be

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