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Our gift-giving experts are ready to work with you to create a unique gifting experience based on your industry needs and your company culture.
From identifying and customizing the perfect gift through sourcing and fulfillment all the way to wrapping, delivering and tracking.

Professional Services

  • Corporate gifting strategy
  • Custom gift assembly and Global sourcing
  • Gift programs
  • Branding and Design
  • Warehousing & fulfillment
  • Operational support

Strategy & Innovation

Giving a gift is so much more than just a transaction; it's all about emotional connection. So whether you are looking to create a gift program or just finding a gift for an event, you want it to be special, meaningful and accurate. That's where we come in.

Tell us about your company goals and values, what is the occasion, who is the recipient and what are you aiming to achieve, and we can help you create the perfect experience for your budget.

Our team of experts holds a wealth of knowledge and creativity and will always make sure to bring you the latest trends so your gifts will be innovative and fresh.

Custom Gift Assembly

Have a special gift idea in mind, but don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Need something custom tailored for your needs? We can help!

Through our global chain of partners and alliances we are able to source and assemble any gift you like, while ensuring quality, compliance and safety.

Design &

Branding your gift is going the extra mile to make sure your message is coming across.
Use our strong self-serve tools or utilize our design services.

Branding your gift is going the extra mile to make sure your message is coming across. Use our strong self-serve tools or utilize our design services.

Warehousing &

Don’t want the hustle of managing your branded items inventory? We can manage it for you to support any on-demand gifting program.

With our warehouses and global fulfillment capabilities we can handle the logistics for you anywhere in the world.

Operation support

Streamline large orders - we can do it for you


With its E-gift capability and multiple address checkout features, our gifting platform enables you to send gifts to a large group of people easily and quickly.

Prefer we do it for you? No problem.
You simply upload your contact list, in any format of your choosing (Spreadsheet, Word Document, CSV, ANY other format), then our Customer Service team handles the rest. We’ll digest your contact list, create an address book for you on CorporateGift, and send you a link to access your address book as soon as it’s done.

Platform Setup

Our platform comes with an easy and user friendly admin console where you can maintain permission and rules, update contacts and track expenses.

Our support team will be happy to help you set up and maintain the system so it will always work according to your needs.


Want to make sure you are notified for special events in your customer and employee life? Missing an address? Don’t let the data stop you.

With our technology you can now get the information you need to maintain your long-term relationship.

"Sending out gifts used to be a dreaded chore for us.
Having CorporateGift is a true relief."

Tal Nathanel,

CEO Showfields

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