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Get expert help with design, customization, kitting, and sourcing.
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75% have problems picking the perfect gifts

It’s not surprising people have trouble selecting the right business gifts, particularly since recipients today don’t want the same old boring swag. Coming up with ideas that effectively communicate the right intent while also capturing your company’s unique identity can be challenging enough. But when you also have to find the gift, customize it, box it up, and send it out — that’s enough to give anyone a creative block. Fret no more! Our gifting experts are here to help.
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Experience the art of corporate gifting

No matter how unique your request is, our gifting experts deliver gifts that matter. We know what works, how to convey the right message, and how to engage your recipients best. That’s because we have years of data and experience to back up our decisions. We steer clear of mundane merch and trashy tchotchkes that no one wants. Instead, we focus on exciting experiences that make an impact and reduce waste. And if we don’t have the perfect gift in our marketplace, we’ll collaborate with our trusted network of global suppliers to find the right products for you.

We offer the total package

Along with our holistic gift marketplace and platform capabilities, we offer a full-suite of creative services to make sure your entire gift experience — all the way to unboxing — sends the right signal to your recipients. And the best part is you can send and reorder kits with the click of a button. What’s more, we always deliver on time and on budget.
  • Company gifting strategy
  • Gift sourcing and merchandising
  • Product mock-ups and lookbooks
  • Design and customization
  • Custom kitting, warehousing, and fulfillment
  • Customized eGift campaign collections
<b>Pro</b> packing. <b>Unique</b> unboxing.

Pro packing. Unique unboxing.

Tissue paper, stunning stickers, bold boxes, sustainable packaging — no matter what your unboxing experience is, we’ll pack it the way you want and ship it out on demand from our storage facilities. And you control it all through your virtual swag closet. More on our virtual swag closet
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Re-purpose gifts for any occasion

Unlike other custom kitting and fulfillment services, you’re not locked into using the same items and kits for one purpose, because we create kits on demand. If you want to use your branded goodies or packaging for other use cases, we make it easy with the virtual swag closet.

Our creative process

  • Discovery meeting

    We gather information about the gift’s purpose, the occasion, your recipients, your budget, your company’s values, and your brand’s look and feel to create a strategy. <p>Discovery meeting</p>
  • Ideation & sourcing

    We source gifts and packaging that relay the story you want to tell, then create a lookbook of ideas for stakeholder approval. <p>Ideation &amp; sourcing</p>
  • Production & platform setup

    Once your samples and mock-ups are approved, we initiate production and set up your gifting experience in your virtual swag closet to automate fulfillment and delivery. <p>Production &amp; platform setup</p>
<p>Discovery meeting</p>
Customers love us
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Customer logo “Corporate gift not only offers the freedom of creativity but also provides advisement, if needed, on how to make our client's experience distinct and memorable. It's nice to have the expert's advice.” Jen, CDI, LLC
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Customer logo “The concierge service provided by the staff is especially helpful. When we have a tight deadline or a specific need, they do a great job suggesting the right items.” Marni, Senior Manager of Marketing, MikMak