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Simple set up & sync

Connect with your favorite software and automate gifting in a snap.
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Stick with your software

Whether it’s HR apps or spreadsheets, we can connect your office systems with our platform through our open-source API and automate gifting for you without hassle.
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SSO for secure and compliant gifting

We offer Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta, Azure, and Google, so your team can log in once with one set of company credentials.
<b>Human</b> Resources Software

Human Resources Software

For companies that want to trigger gifts and integrate employee milestone gifting, we connect to multiple HR apps. If you don’t see your app listed, we have an open-source API to connect to anything.
<b>Zapier</b> app

Zapier app

Zapier connects the Corporate Gift platform with hundreds of popular apps. No code required. Automate gifting and save time for what matters most. View our Zapier page
<b>Salesforce</b> Partner

Salesforce Partner

Corporate Gift offers seamless Salesforce integration with our native app on the App Exchange. Experience easy workflow creation that allows you to automate gifts at any stage of the funnel. Then, stay on top of your gifting with integrated reporting. Check out our App Exchange page
<b>Hubspot</b> App

Hubspot App

Send gifts automatically from your Hubspot dashboard by triggering gift events. Then, track the performance right on your Hub.
Customers love us
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Customer logo “We connected Corporate Gift with Salesforce and automated the entire gifting process. So there is ZERO manual work!" Noam Levi, Founder & CEO, Wiserspread
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Customer logo “The team and platform have been stellar and responsive to our asks for gifting ideas, sourcing new gifts, and helping customize our Salesforce integration.” Megan, Director, Growth marketing, Attentive