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Scale up gifting

Control users, permissions, and budgets for enterprise teams.
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Break down gift silos

Corporate gifting is essential for attracting, engaging, and retaining talent in enterprise companies. However, managing multiple teams with different needs can become a bottleneck rather than a benefit. This can lead to outsourcing projects to different vendors, resulting in high costs, inconsistency, lengthy delays, and policy violations. Fortunately, our platform solves this problem.
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Flexibility & control in one platform

The enterprise version of our solution offers complete administrative control over user roles, approvals, and budgets. Along with our other robust features, like automation, integrations, and inventory management, you can scale up your gifting operation and enable multiple departments to manage their own programs to match their needs. Even better, we help you set it up.
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Rule your company catalog

Make our marketplace your own by setting rules and permissions on what teams can gift. Here’s a fraction of what you can do:
  • Set price limits for gifts
  • Create custom categories and restrict certain items
  • Select gifts that promote your company values and initiatives
  • Grant teams access to gift specific occasions
Workflow <b>Automation</b>

Workflow Automation

You don’t want to exert effort into sending the same gifts repeatedly, especially when you're buying for a large organization. Set up options, branding, and messaging one time so teams can save time sending gifts and get back to doing their jobs.
Big <b>perks</b> for big teams

Big perks for big teams

Not only can we streamline and grow your gifting operations, companies can also take advantage of our exclusive enterprise benefits.
  • Get access to luxury brands in an exclusive member marketplace
  • Allow recipients to donate the value of their gift to your favorite charity
  • Receive dedicated support from your personal account executive

Team gifting features

  • Manage users

    Add unlimited users and teams, and assign permissions, spending limits, and approvals. <p>Manage users</p>
  • Manage budgets

    Create separate budget entities for each team and track their spending across the organization.. <p>Manage budgets</p>
  • Create approval workflows

    Set up a custom approval form and track requests in your company dashboard. <p>Create approval workflows</p>
<p>Manage users</p>
Customers love us
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Customer logo “The response from our recipients was overwhelming! CorporateGift made it easy and seamless, and we’re now looking to expand this across more departments and more events and occasions.” Jennifer, Director of Digital Content, SAP
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Customer logo “We love the combination of having all solutions available under one enterprise roof and full control over the process. A lot of hours were saved by this solution.“ Gaby, CRO, Glassbox