What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your device and browser to recognize and remember you, your passwords, your saved data and your site preferences. They can also read information through your browser such as your operating system, device, browser version, language settings and geolocation. 

Cookies collectively include pixels, tags, web beacons and other technologies and may be served as first party (set by or third parties (set by web analytics, search engines, ad networks and other services).  

What cookies does use and why? uses first party cookies to enhance your user experience. For example, to save cart contents when building a large basket over a number of sessions, save login credentials and passwords, or to show you the most relevant products and content for your geography or device.

Some cookies we use are strictly required for the integrity and security of our marketplace and gifting platform, including granting login access and securely processing transactions. 

We also collect data that helps our team understand visitor behavior and site performance through web analytics and other marketing tools. The analytics data we collect is not personally identifiable.

Our live help and chatbot may ask you questions such as your name, business name, email or telephone number, information that is optional for you to disclose. Using cookies helps us identify you in returning visits and maintain context of the chat including recent/last activity. These cookies are first party and do not pass information to our live chat vendor or any third party website. These cookies may pass essential data to other applications for required functions, such as booking time on one of our agents’ calendars if you book a meeting through our chatbot.

Approved third parties may also set cookies when you visit, including search engines, Google Shopping and affiliate partners and may use them to deliver content, ads or perform services on behalf of 


Certain cookie technologies are used and provided based on contractual necessity based on your agreement with to perform the services of our marketplace and gifting platform. By choosing to use our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

How can you opt out?

If you’re using Firefox or Safari browsers, you are likely already blocking third party cookies (Google Chrome is in process of phasing them out). You can manage all cookie preferences through your browser settings. If you block all cookies, neither we nor third parties may serve cookies to your browser. Please note this may impact your ability to use our site or complete transactions.

Information on how to manage cookies within common web browsers can be accessed below:

You may opt out of Google Analytics and Google Ads via this link. To opt out of third party cookies, you may use the ad blocker software tool of your choice.